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Our trips start in Colonia del Sacramento, the most beautiful place in Latin America. From here you can explore Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile with our Cessna C182 or another aircraft.

You also have the opportunity to fly your refresher training to extend your class rating SEP(land) with our EASA certified flight instructor, see Services / License Extension.

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Fly along the Atlantic coast and experience live music on the beach. Discover the huge reservoir of the Rio Negro, visit the gaucho festival in the north of the country and taste fine wines in the bodegas. Spend time at one of the authentic estancias in the middle of nature or visit the eighty painted house walls in the small village 25 de Agosto. These are just a few highlights in the still undiscovered Uruguay.

Our tours also go beyond Uruguay. We again fly to Patagonia, across the Andes to Villarica in Chile and to the Iguazú waterfalls at the border triangle of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

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We consult and support you from your first request to the follow-up of your tour. Each trip is individually tailored and put together for you.


The project’s own Cessna C182 has successfully been in use for three years. We have access to more aircraft through our cooperation partners.


With our tour package, you can relax and discover the airspace in South America for yourself.

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Fly in Uruguay - Highlights


Fantastic beaches at the Atlantic ocean, but also at many large rivers such as the Rio de la Plata, Rio Negro, Rio Uruguay, Rio Olimar and many more attract vacationers from the neighboring countries Brazil and Argentina during their summer holidays. There you will find everything from tiny fishing villages to hippie beaches and surfers’ paradises to the sophisticated “Monaco of Latin America” in Punta del Este. El Jaguel airfield, the airfield for general aviation in Maldonado, is full of skydivers, helicopters for sightseeing flights and private planes during the high season.


Art deco buildings, a magnificent judicial building, the famous Teatro Solis and many other sights can be discovered in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. In the neighboring province of Colonia, the old town of Colonia del Sacramento is an absolute highlight. The well-preserved buildings on the shady avenues of the old cobblestone streets are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the evening you can watch the sun set behind the skyline of Buenos Aires on the other side of the river from the banks of the Rio de la Plata. An indescribably romantic view.


Carlos Gardel, the forefather of Tango, came from Uruguay. In his honor there is a museum in his hometown Valle Eden in the north of the country. Tango and other music, art and culture can be found all over the country. Montevideo is one of the cities with the highest density of artists worldwide  

The tradition of the gauchos is held high. Beef, which is also exported in large quantities, is unmistakably delicious. Especially when it is grilled the traditional way at an asado.

Nowadays adding to these traditions is wine growing. With the Tannat grape the Uruguayans have managed to produce a top-class wine. Many bodegas can be visited and wines from local production can be tasted.

Uruguay also celebrates the longest carnival in the world. The so-called Llamadas, which take place every year in Montevideo, are a colorful spectacle with dancers, drums and flag waving.

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