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Uruguay tour with gaucho festival
Each tour is individually designed. The tour through Uruguay presented here is an example of a tour focusing on nature and Gaucho Festival. Since the annual Patria Gaucha, the traditional Gaucho festival, is celebrated in March, the tour is designed around it.


Travel focus can also be completely different. The spectrum ranges from the longest carnival in the world to visits to wine bodegas, participation in music festivals, tango events and much more. We are happy to put together a tour according to your wishes!

Day 1 in Montevideo

On the first day the theory instruction takes place in the flight school Escuela del Aire as well as the check flights with each pilot. Check flights take you from Angel Adami to Carrasco and the Canelones Aeroclub.

Day 2: Flight from Montevideo to Punta del Este

We fly along the coast of the Rio de la Plata to Punta del Este, then along the Atlantic coast to the surfing beaches at La Pedrera and back to Maldonado, where we land in El Jaguel. Here we take a guided tour of the famous seaside resort and visit the Casapueblo. The surrealist house of the Uruguayan artist Carlos Paéz Vilaró was built into the cliffs and is affectionately referred to as a walk-in sculpture.

Day 3: Flight from Punta del Este to Treinta y Tres

This day we fly inland, near the border with Brazil. We land on a private agricultural aviation site, where we are picked up and then take a guided hike in the jungle-like region.

Day 4: Flight from Treinta y Tres to San Gregorio de Polanco

San Gregorio de Polanco is located on the beautiful reservoir of the Rio Negro, on the Rincon del Bonete. Here you can enjoy miles of white sandy beaches and immerse yourself in the simple life in the country.

Day 5: Flight from San Gregorio de Polanco to Tacuarembó

In Tacuarembó we visit the aeroclub and the crop dusting company at Santos Servicios Aereos after landing at the public airport.

Day 6: Patria Gaucha

No flight on day six. We have the whole day to experience the Patria Gaucha, the largest gaucho festival in the country. In the morning the parade through the city, in the afternoon the rodeos and in the evening the musical entertainment. It is an event that could not be more authentic.

Day 7: Flight from Tacuarembó to Artigas

Depending on whether we get Avgas in Treinta y Tres or Tacuarembó, we might first fly to Rivera to refuel. Afterwards, we will definitely continue to Artigas, where we have the opportunity for a guided visit to a mine in which the amethysts, which are world-famous for their intense purple color, are mined. We then visit a jewelry and stone factory.

Day 8: Flight from Artigas to Salto

There are many natural thermal springs in the Salto area. On this day, we can either relax in one of the springs or chat about flying with German pilot colleagues, in whose Art Deco Hotel we spend the night.

Day 9: Flight from Salto to Paso de los Toros

The flight takes us along the Rio Uruguay, the border river to Argentina. We fly past the mouth of the Rio Queguay and turn off inland at Paysandú, where we land at the small airfield near the famous dam in Paso de los Toros. We spend the rest of the day at the nearby estancia, where we get an insight into the rural way of life.

Day 10: Flight from Paso de los Toros to Carmelo

On the tenth day we fly to Durazno, the largest military base in Uruguay. There we refuel, take a short break and then fly to Carmelo, a small town on the Rio de la Plata, where we are expected for local wine tasting and an overnight in the bodega.

Day 11: Return flight to Montevideo

On the last day we fly along the coast of the Rio de la Plata, past Colonia del Sacramento, the base of Fly in Uruguay, to Montevideo, where we return the plane and end the day with an authentic asado, the typical barbecue meal in southern South America, in the harbor market in the old town.

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