The diversity of Argentina is breathtaking. The play of colors of the Andes near Salta, the endless expanse of the pampas in the middle of the country, Patagonia in the south with glaciers, forests and lakes, huge nature reserves such as the Esteros de Iberá National Park in the province of Corientes and last but not least the world-famous waterfalls in Iguazú.

In addition to natural sights, it is worth visiting some cities. The cosmopolitan capital Buenos Aires is steeped in history, the metropolis of Rosario on the west bank of the Paraná River offers a vibrant city center while Cordoba, the country’s second largest city, is known for its Spanish colonial architecture.

In the “Services” / “Flying in Argentina” section you will find photos of the waterfalls in Iguazú and the Esteros de Iberá National Park.