We individually arrange your trip for you!

Flying with a safety pilot

You speak little or no Spanish? No problem, with our service you can still discover the airspace in South America for yourself. We consult you starting from your first request and acompany you all the way to the end of the trip.


Each tour is put together individually, taking into account possible airfields, fuel supply, storage options as well as seasonal activities and events.

Accommodation can be booked in advance or daily during the trip either by yourself or through a local travel agent. This gives us maximum flexibility in the event of weather-related changes.

On your first trip from Uruguay you fly with a safety pilot or flight instructor. He helps with flight preparation, navigation and above all with air traffic control.

With a little knowledge of Spanish, we will prepare you for the validation of your license with the aviation authority, so that ideally you can fly without a safety pilot on your second trip, if you wish.

  • Individual consultation
  • Route planning
  • Safety Pilot / Flight Instructor
  • Assistance with the validation of your license